Styles of Engagement

One to one coaching

Run on a one to one basis, coaching strengthens individuals within organizations to develop their skills and attitudes to further become highly effective leaders.

The essence of coaching is for the individual leader to examine him/herself deeply. They need to create that extra time to develop themselves…. and in ways that are aligned with the organisation’s goals.

Workshops, Retreats and symposia

The objectives of workshops, retreats and symposia may include:

  • To deliberate on strategic issues leading to a series of programmes that would cascade down the organization – including to roll out a new strategic plan
  • To carry out an annual review of policies and programmes
  • To develop from a mere group into a highly energized, high performance team
  • To bring staff together to celebrate great achievements
  • To enable staff from different parts of the organisation to simply bond and have fun together

One, two or three day programmes

The type of programme you choose depends on your needs and available time. We tailor-make all programmes to suit your needs, budget and time:

  • 1 Day programmes: These are short intensive events suited for busy professionals who have little time to invest in self-development. These can be run at our site at Rowallan Scouts Camp, or at the client's convenience e.g. at your office, at a hotel, etc.

  • 2 or 3 day overnight programmes: More complex concepts are introduced to groups that can invest two or more days. The programme can be held as a camping trip either at our site or another campsite, or at a hotel or lodge convenient to the client's budget and time. These programmes are used to bring the whole team together and develop an organization's culture to a point where they perform as a high performance team. It can also be used as a celebration that rewards the staff for a job well done, or to motivate to perform better in future.

  • Expeditions: To help participants absorb the principles of teamwork and leadership in a tutored environment, we provide extended programmes in the form of expeditions to remote areas, where participants can make these concepts a matter of habit, and take them to a much deeper level. Fully planned expeditions introduce teambuilding and leadership aspects to the planning and running of the trip, all supervised by DEPOT facilitators.

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