The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow (The DEPOT) was set up as a living memorial to Dan Eldon, a Reuters photojournalist who was killed in Somalia in 1993 while covering the tragic events in that country. It was established in 1994 as a Charitable Trust by the Rotary Club of Nairobi as a centre for experiential outdoor learning, and its motto is Inspiring you to fulfill your potential.   It now operates as a company limited by guarantee, with the Directors being members of The Rotary Club of Nairobi.

The DEPOT is a capacity building and training facility, a human resource development consultancy with wide experience in programmes related to cultural transformation, strategic planning, institutional development and team building. It is an experience that develops a new sense of power and optimism.  At the heart of all we do is experiential learning.

Participants range from senior corporate executives to university students, from senior government officials to street children and high school students. Funds generated from corporate clients and other organizations are put back into the community by subsidizing programmes for needy organizations like street children groups, schools for the mentally challenged, university students’ clubs and church youth groups.

The DEPOT has a bank of over 20 trained and experienced facilitators, who share an interest in self-development and the development of others. Ongoing strengthening sessions are held for the facilitators, and we ensure they don’t ‘train’ or ‘inculcate’ or ‘instruct’… but rather facilitate learning and its application to healthier attitudes in the workplace.

What makes The DEPOT the consultancy to work with?

  • 19 years of continuous experience, with over 35,000 participants to date
  • Dedicated to teambuilding, leadership, strategy and culture transformation programmes
  • Exceptional skills in advanced facilitation in experiential education programmes using the participants’ experiences to further learning
  • Experience in running programmes for a wide range of organizations from all sectors of the economy, in multi-cultural environments   
  • Focused on culture change programmes: emphasis on impact, with events being the means to that end, mere components in a bigger process
  • Breadth of experience in working with people across the board, from junior to the most senior
  • Track record of partnering with other service providers
  • Numerous satisfied corporate clients
  • Programmes tailored to clients’ needs, down to the level of the individual if required
  • Long-term culture strengthening by offering programmes that cover the whole organisation; follow-up consultancy; and refresher and further activity
  • Integrated with discussion sessions on corporate strategic issues; and/or sessions on complementary skills and attitude setting: like the customer care issue in question here
  • Flexibility to run programmes at your site of choice

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Inspiring you to fulfill your potential


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