Canada World Youth (CWY)

The Canada World Youth is a Canadian Organization founded in 1971 to offer young people from Canada and around the world an opportunity to open themselves to other cultures while acquiring the knowledge and skills needed to become active, engaged citizens of the world.

The DEPOT has teamed up with Canada World Youth to provide extended volunteering and leadership development opportunities through the Africa-Canada Eco-leadership Program (ACELP). The program is targeting youth with an interest in the environment, biodiversity conservation, and community development, this program carries out trilateral projects with teams composed of youth from Canada and two African countries. The ACELP program promotes the establishment of networks among African countries, capacity building, and the sharing of exemplary practices.  The young people from Kenya, Tanzania and Canada, volunteer and exchange in communities both in East Africa and in Canada.

US Peace Corps

Since 1960, more than 182,000 Peace Corps volunteers have been invited by 138 host countries to work on issues ranging from HIV/AIDS education, information technology and environmental preservation.

In Kenya, volunteers serve in public health, education and small business sectors.  All Peace Corps volunteers live in rural communities. The Gender and Development Committee of the US Peace Corps, Kenya and The DEPOT organize Camp GLOW.

Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) is a seven-day experiential learning camp dedicated to the empowerment of females.  It is an opportunity for young women, ages 14-19 and Peace Corps volunteers to take part in the growth and development of young women through interactive activities.  All Camp GLOW participants are girls aged 14-19 from rural communities in Kenya who are nominated by Peace Corps volunteers among girls they work with in schools or youth groups within their communities.  Camp GLOW participants typically demonstrate leadership abilities, a willingness and capability to benefit from the camp and share experiences in their community, and a sincere interest in improving her life and the lives of those around her.

Ford Foundation

The DEPOT has partnered with the Ford Foundation for annual Youth Leadership and Citizenship programs, that bring together young people from all over East Africa and sees them return to their communities as young ‘leaders of today’. (Not just of tomorrow!)

The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow (DEPOT) has been running the East Africa Youth Leadership and Citizenship Programme, 'Uongozi Bora' for youth from around East Africa for the last five years (2003, 2004, 2005, 2008, 2009 and 2010). So far we have had 250 participants going through the programme, from around East Africa.

The previous programmes realised the following objectives:

  • Building a core of young East Africans with leadership skills and a sense of common  belonging
  • Provided a vehicle for the youth to express themselves in a positive way
  • Developed a culture of good citizenship, with a sense that leadership begins from good citizenship
  • Incorporated leadership and environmental education among project participants
  • Provided the youth with an opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Human House A/S Management Consultants.

The DEPOT has partnered with Human House A/S Management Consultants, a Danish Company with extensive experience in Management Consultancy in Organizational Change, Leadership & Management, Culture & Psychology and legal issues relating to employment  

Institute of Advanced Technology

The Institute of Advanced Technology is the leading Information Technology Training Institute in Kenya and it has partnered with The DEPOT to run programmes to enable the institute to recruit suitable instructors. The short-listed candidates who have been selected based on technical competence are further tested based on desired team characteristics and values.


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