Professional executive coaching is a relatively new phenomenon that is growing fast around the world. It is doing so because of the dramatically increased need for effectiveness of leaders in today’s highly demanding and competitive environment.

If you or one of your team members would answer yes to any of the following questions you will benefit from the coaching that we offer:

  • Do you want to capitalize on and further develop your strengths, and work on your weaknesses? Do you want to take full advantage of opportunities? Do you want to protect yourself against threats?

  • Do you need to develop your self-esteem, self-confidence, self-reliance, assertiveness, boldness?

  • Do you need to develop your interpersonal skills?

  • Do you want to crystallize your dreams and make them real?

  • Are you at some crossroad in your career?

  • Do you need help in moving up to senior management? To board level?

  • Do you want to become a more effective person?

  • Do you want to enable your people to improve their performance?

At The DEPOT we can help you to work out what you want, what you are good at, what you need to improve on, and where and how you will improve to achieve your goals.

Our coaching programme enables individuals to create an inspiring vision, identify their life purpose, align their values and leverage their talents towards living their life to the full, with more energy, fulfillment, balance – and less stress. It can help with the development of self-esteem, and hence self-confidence. This in turn allows them to be bolder and more assertive.

The coaching strengthens leaders within organizations to develop their skills and attitudes and become highly effective leaders.

We at The DEPOT have seen that for an organisation to develop effectively and achieve long-term success the leaders have to see how long-term vision impacts on their success as individuals.

What benefits does coaching provide?

Run on a one to one basis, coaching strengthens individuals within organizations to develop their skills and attitudes to further become highly effective leaders.

The essence of coaching is for the individual leader to examine him/herself deeply. They need to create that extra time to develop themselves…. and in ways that are aligned with the organisation’s goals.

The sessions will adopt the following sequence:

  1. Identify where the leader wants to go.
  2. Identify the leader’s current situation.
  3. Identify how to get the leader to where they want to go from where they are.
  4. Move along the path.

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