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An effective way of learning leadership and teamwork is through experiential education, or learning through doing. Participants go through different practical learning activities that develop communication, trust, confidence, and many other vital skills. Skilled and experienced facilitators assist participants to accomplish tasks through teamwork and encouragement.

The DEPOT, a pioneering centre for experiential learning, is a capacity building and training facility, a human resource development organization with experience in training programmes related to strategic planning, institutional development and team building. It is an experience that develops a new sense of power and optimism.The type of programme you choose depends on your needs and available time. We tailor-make all programmes to suit your needs, budget and time:

Day programmes:

These are short intensive events suited for busy professionals who have little time to invest in self-development. These can be run at our site at Rowallan Scouts Camp, or at the client's convenience e.g. at your office, at a hotel, etc.

Overnight programmes:

More complex concepts are introduced to groups that can invest two or more days. The programme can be held as a camping trip either at our site or another campsite, or at a hotel or lodge convenient to the client's budget and time.


We provide extended programmes in the form of expeditions to remote areas, where participants can make these concepts a matter of habit, and take them to a much deeper level.

Below is a list of what we offer. This list is not comprehensive and we design programmes to suit the clients’ needs.


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