Change Management

Change is key to any organization that wishes to succeed in today’s competitive business environment.

Change management can take many forms and include many change environments. The most common is organizational change management. Organizational change management is the process of developing a planned approach to change in an organization.

Typically the objective is to maximize the collective benefits for all people involved in the change and minimize the risk of failure of implementing the change. The discipline of change management deals primarily with the human aspect of change.

To be effective, change management should be multi-disciplinary, touching all aspects of the organization. However, at its core, implementing new procedures, technologies, and overcoming resistance to change are fundamentally human resource management issues.

It is also important to estimate what impact a change will likely have on employee behaviour patterns, work processes, technological requirements, and motivation.

The leadership must assess what employee reactions will be and craft a change programme that will provide support as workers go through the process of changing Through DEPOT programmes, organizations have been able to motivate their staff to feel confident not only to accept change, but to drive it.

The programmes are implemented, disseminated throughout the organization, monitored for effectiveness, and adjusted where necessary.

In general terms, a change programme:

  • describes the change process to all people involved and explains the reasons why the changes are occurring. The information should be complete, unbiased, reliable, transparent, and timely.
  • is designed to effectively implement the change while being aligned with organizational objectives, external environmental trends, and employee perceptions and feelings.
  • provides support to employees as they deal with the change, and wherever possible involves the employees directly in the change process itself. We have seen that it is beneficial for staff to see how change in the organisation will enable the organisation to achieve its vision and mission, and how the individual will then also be more successful. This creates ownership on the part of the individual to drive the identified change process.

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