Executive Coaching

The DEPOT offers high-impact consultancy, facilitation and coaching to corporates, governments, development agencies, NGOs and others. We engage at the very highest levels and cascade all the way down. We expect to make a big and lasting difference as a result of our involvement, always expecting our clients to “have a good time doing good things”. We deliver value way beyond our fees, and consistently generate enthusiastic word-of-mouth references.

What our participants say…

“The DEPOT team is a transformative resource for organisations.  Operating from Kenya, the DEPOT provides global quality services across East Africa, building long-term trusted relationships with clients.  Combined with in depth local knowledge and unparalleled leadership networks, The DEPOT provides exceptional value.  I’m grateful for the partnership that Gaiasoft shares with The DEPOT team.”


About Us

The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow (DEPOT) was set up as a living memorial to Dan Eldon, a Reuters photojournalist who was killed in Somalia in 1993 while covering the tragic events in that country. It was established in 1994 as a Charitable Trust by the Rotary Club of Nairobi, as a centre for experiential learning for young people. The Founder Chairman is Mike Eldon, Dan’s father.

Since our early days, while continuing to develop youth we have evolved into a fully-fledged management consultancy. We have however retained our lightness, always expecting our clients to be “having a good time doing good things” with us.

  • The Depot team with participants

Our philosophy

  • Continuous learning through continuous doing
  • By creating an enjoyable atmosphere, putting participants in a  relaxed frame of mind that allows them to experiment, explore and learn to a dramatically greater extent than they would have thought possible
  • Flexibility and adaptability; our ability to link comprehensive indoor discussions and the outdoor experience
  • Emphasis on mutual feedback and encouragement of self-facilitation
  • Sensitive to individual capabilities and needs
  • Keeping it simple… and constant programme improvement and development


We partner with a number of complementary service providers including:

Human House

Human House was established in 1995 and has 20 permanent and associated employees. Their global activities concern consultant solutions such as organisational development, executive Business coaching, courses and competency development. Client solutions are distributed with 60% in private companies and 40% in Government, NGO and the public sector. They have offices in Denmark (Copenhagen & Aarhus), and are opening offices in Mexico and China. They have now partnered with The DEPOT to offer their services in this region.


Gaiasoft is a UK-based performance management company with global clients, including in Africa. Gaiasoft works with technology support to help clients use highly interactive scorecards, integrated with action-management, thereby going far beyond the traditional “M&E” to full performance management.

Stepwise Management

Stepwise Management is a German-based management consultancy that, like The DEPOT, specializes in energy alignment, through strategy development and execution, and culture strengthening. Their lead consultant Frank Kretzschmar has extensive experience in Kenya and elsewhere in Africa.

The DEPOT Team

The DEPOT brings together some of the most experienced and skilled consultants and facilitators in the region into one seamless and tested team:

Our Charitable Work & Projects

The DEPOT is a not-for-profit organization, and therefore we put funds generated from corporate and other clients back into the community by subsidising programmes for rural communities, schools for the mentally challenged, university students’ clubs and church and other youth groups.

Some of the organisations we have supported include:

Thomas Barnados Children’s Home

We offered a subsided cost teambuilding programme for the house mothers and staff of Thomas Banados, now known as Kenya Children’s Home. We enabled them work as a team to ensure they achieve the goal of providing the best care, protection and education to the children of whom they shelter.

Cura Village

Cura village is in Kabete constituency, just outside Nairobi, and over several years we supported the community, including through strengthening the culture in the primary school, supporting the children in the orphanage and initiating a tree-planting project. For three months The DEPOT led a community service project in conjunction with Canada World Youth, bringing volunteers from Canada, Tanzania and Kenya to live in Cura for a period of three months. Some of the Kenyan volunteers went on to become DEPOT facilitators.

LIAME Supported projects

As part of their learning and development in the 5-day leadership programme our participants tackled various challenges facing the community projects. We worked with a number of projects including:

  • Shanzu Transitional Workshop, and Bombolulu Workshop For the Physically Disabled(bothin Mombasa)The workshop staff had challenges including leadership, layout of their organisational structure and marketing of their products.
  • Projects run by SDA church in Nakuru: these projects were started to offer opportunities to church members whowere affected and/or infected by HIV/AIDS. They had come up with an initiative to sustain themselves by making jam and soap, tailoring, beadwork etc. Our participants going through the leadership programme (LIAME) assisted the community members to come up with strategies and implementation plans on branding and marketing of their products.
  • Local Initiative Development Agency  (Kisumu) – Through LIDA we worked with a number of community projects including Hand of Hope, Oremo Women’s Group, Thim Youth Group and Tinada Youth Group.

Contact Us

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The Dan Eldon Place Of Tomorrow (DEPOT)

P. O. Box 45965 – 00100, Nairobi, Kenya

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