I have known the founder chairman of The DEPOT Mike Eldon for over ten years as a colleague and a friend.  Mike is exceptional in his strategic planning and change management insight.  I’ve had the good fortune to work with some of the most talented thought leaders and consultants in global advisory firms.  Mike has the depth of experience and subject mastery to operate at that global level.

Mike has gathered around him a core team of colleagues who share his vision of how to make significant impact in client engagements.  The DEPOT team operate with the coherence that comes from their values-based working and partnership of purpose.

The DEPOT team is a transformative resource for organisations.  Operating from Kenya, the DEPOT provides global quality services across East Africa, building long-term trusted relationships with clients.  Combined with in depth local knowledge and unparalleled leadership networks, The DEPOT provides exceptional value.  I’m grateful for the partnership that Gaiasoft shares with The DEPOT team.

The Law Society engaged with the DEPOT in the year 2014 for team building. The DEPOT has since worked with both the staff and Council of the Society to great advantage. The organization is increasing experiencing a robust organizational culture and direction as a result. We highly endorse the DEPOT.

“Just want to say a really big thank you for the fantastic event yesterday. It was a great day – upbeat, challenging, interactive and jaw achingly funny – so many hilarious comedy moments. We’re all still buzzing from it today. By far, it’s the best team event I’ve ever been on”

“It is one of the most remarkable endeavorsI have seen in this field, anywhere in the world. In a simple profound way, TheDEPOT enables people to learn wonderfully. It has such great potential to offerwhat the world needs.”

“If you want to take teamwork seriouslyat every level, The DEPOT is the programme you want to go through.”

“From The DEPOT, we have learnt  unification and mutual understanding amongstall cadres of staff without boundary of seniority, gender or profession. Thisleads to alignment of each others’ energy to make synergy for the purpose ofmaking a success the biggest elephant translocation ever realized on earth.”

“The DEPOT enabled our sales andtechnical teams to resolve their differences and work as a team. We thank youguys at The DEPOT for a job well done.”

 “…..through The DEPOT experiential programme, ourobjectives as a company were all met through having fun and what we achievedincluded; discovering new insights into doing things, improved team spirit,better synergies and trust was built within the team.”