Development and Implementation of Strategic Plans

At The DEPOT we have seen that for organizations to be effective and accountable, the staff need to identify, share and live their organization’s sense of purpose, its reason for existing.

The DEPOT has worked extensively in providing high-impact programmes in desired organizational culture development and strengthening. The DEPOT has been enabling leaders and organizations to identify and live their vision, mission and values for 15 years.

The DEPOT programmes also generate the relaxed and confident mindset that then enables participants to contribute boldly and creatively in the development and implementation of strategic plans.

a. Developing strategic plans:

We help organizations identify the vision,mission and values, starting with an organisational analysis. Based on this,the organizations are then helped to come up with an action plan for achieving success, and to chart the way forward in implementation accompanied by inspiring yet realistic milestones and procedures to monitor the progress of the milestones. All this happens without the need to complicate the process but also creating ownership and passion in the activity

b. Implementation of strategic plans:

It is challenging enough to come up with very good strategic plans; but it is even harder to implement these plans and actually achieve lasting impact out of the activity. The DEPOT has been very successful in helping individuals to take ownership of their organisation’s strategic plans and in finding ways to make them work. Buying in & owning the strategic plan. This programme’s format depends on:

  • the stage of development the plan has reached
  • how involved the whole team has been in the development of the plan, and so how much help they need to own and commit to the document
  • who will participate in the programme

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